Scope in Information & Technology Field

Information & Technology is the manipulation of computer system which helps to store, create, process, retrieve & exchange the data and information. An information technology is generally a information & communication system including all hardware, software, and peripheral equipment operated by a group of IT users. Nowadays due to digitalization of many things, IT is the vastly growing field all over the world. Technology has become an essential part of everyone’s day to day life hence scope of the IT field has increased so much in the recent years that the number of jobs in this field are increasing as well. This is the reason Information Technology has also become a favorite choice as a career not only for students but also for their parents, as it opens the roads for abroad. This popularity of IT is also due to its potential of improving the lives of a common man. There are many new technologies arriving such as Robotic, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science, Blockchain, Software Development, Web development, Cybersecurity, etc that are transforming the IT industry. However, these technologies are not just limited to IT sector alone, but they are also being introduced and benificial in every industry such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Entertainment, Space science, etc. IT field is becoming more smarter as we go higher in developing & creating the applications. Many IT companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, etc are also investing their own resources & money to develop the scaling of the technologies. This is also a big opportunity for those companies who are not aware of the new technologies happening around them. Information Technology is one such field that builds way for a shining future. IT additionally helps in expanding one’s ability and identity. Anyone having qualities like good communication skills, and passion to improve their knowledge in the IT industry can expect the best in their career.

The most amazing part of this field is that there is no shortage of job options at both beginner level and at expert level.

An IT professional can start his or her career by assuming some of the following job roles –

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Project Manager
  3. Full Stack Developer
  4. Data analyst
  5. Database Administrator & many more.

The top most recruiters of Information Technology in India are –
1. Amazon
2. Google
3. Oracle
4. IBM
5. Facebook
6. Microsoft
7. Wipro
8. Accenture
9. Infosys
10. Capgemini

With this great opportunities in IT field developers and programmers will be in high demand for upcoming years, It is truly an exciting time to be a part of this ever-growing industry.