Green Computing

Green IT/Green Computing..
Green computing means environment friendly computing. Green IT is environmentally responsible use of computers and related resources.
It has 3R’s:
• Reduce
• Reuse
• Recycle
We have came across these 3R’s in our Green Chemistry topic. So, yes green computing is somewhat related to green chemistry.

But why do we need green computing?

  1. Energy consumption:
    • Often computer energy is wasted as we leave the computer on when not needed(CPU & fan consume power, Screen savers consume power)
    • 50-150 watts for a 15-17 inch monitor, proportionately more for larger monitors.
    • Desktop PC’s require approximately 100 watts of electrical power.

2. Printing is often wasted as for a paperless society we tend to use more paper today than before computer prevalence.

3. Pollution:
• It is essental as ICT/IT accounts about 2% of CO2 emissions.
• Disposal of Computer & components.
• Plastics are used to make components required To support in IT

4. Toxicity:
• There are toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of computers & components.
For instance, mercury is used in Batteries, switches, etc.

How to implement Green computing!

1.Using energy star labelled products:
• Energy star label on appliances indicates its energy efficieny.
• It helps in reducing the overall energy consumption.

2.E-Waste Recycling:
• Instead of throwing E waste it could be given to non-profits & charities or submitted to the municipal or private recycling bodies.

3.Remote Working:
• People can work from home using internet, email,etc. as it reduces the no of cars/vehicles on the road.Hence, reducing carbon emissions.

4.Cloud Computing

Cloud tech address two critical elements of green computing:

1.Energy efficiency.

2.Resource efficiency through visualization.

Why Go Green!
• Reduces E-waste
• Prevents global warming.
• Better utilization of energy & resources.
• Reduces operating capital expenditures.
• Reduces the impact of hazardous materials on the Environment.

Green IT is the future .Green Computing practices have become a necessity in Reducing the carbon footprint.
So let’s start with this revolution let’s go green lets wipe out e-waste Reduce,Reuse,Recycle .